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🌸 Embark on a whimsical journey with Kharma Mosaic, where the vibrant spirit of boho and festival weddings intertwines with the art of mosaic creation. If you are looking for a different type of entertainment for your guests, then Kharma Mosiac is the perfect choice. You and your guests will have the chance to craft a heart, butterfly, star, snowflake, coaster, mirror, or any bespoke design that dances in your imagination.

🌸 Their mosaic palette is a fusion of stunning colours, woven from the threads of ceramics and recycled glass. Sparkling tiles add a touch of magic, creating a kaleidoscope of possibilities. This entertainment is not just about crafting; it's also a celebration of well-being and enrichment.

🌸 Pip, the creative force behind Kharma Mosaic, dreamt of making mosaic art accessible to all ages, bringing the tranquil magic of mosaic making to everyone. Imagine your special day adorned with a bespoke craft area inside their enchanting bell tent or nestled within the wedding venue. Here, your guests can fashion exquisite mosaics to take home, or collaboratively create a masterpiece to gift the joyous couple.

🌸 Hen parties become moments of shared creativity, as friends fashion personal mementos from mosaic pieces, capturing the essence of the celebration. Picture a joint creation, like a grand love heart, symbolising the unity of the group. This masterpiece, completed and presented, becomes a cherished favour on the couple's extraordinary day.

🌸 Dive into a realm of possibilities with various themes to choose from. They bring with them the essential elements – tables, benches, a whimsical bell tent and an extensive array of captivating mosaic tiles. Each mosaic, carefully grouted and presented, becomes a unique expression of art. Whether crafting alone, with friends, or as a heartfelt gift, your creation becomes a tangible memory from your wedding day.

🌸 And fear not, for even the youngest guests find joy in crafting with mosaic. Kharma Mosaic offer the perfect blend of enchantment and creativity, ensuring that every moment is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.

🌸 Pip can travel to anywhere in the UK (providing mileage & accommodation (if required) is paid.

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Kaye - Thanks Pip for a very chilled and relaxed activity.. So much fun choosing the beautiful tiles - WOW! what a myriad of colours. It was a fun and social way to spend time with friends and family and you take away a memento of the time you spent together.

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