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Keely Saul is a vivacious and outgoing individual, driven by a profound zeal for life and the creation of cherished memories. Keely firmly believes that life is a one-time performance and the uncertainty of tomorrow compels her to savour every moment to the fullest.

Much like many of her fellow civil celebrants, Keely chose to step away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, relinquishing a role with a national multi-million pound company. Her aim is to embrace a more holistic and fulfilling existence in her later years. The journey of life has been dotted with both peaks and valleys, shaping her into the person she is today. These life experiences provide the foundation for crafting heartfelt ceremonies brimming with emotion and ardor.

If you're yearning for that grand, dreamlike wedding you've cherished since childhood, one that is also legally binding, then initiate a conversation with Keely and kickstart the festivities. While the legal aspects of your union will require a registrar's involvement, you have the flexibility to schedule this either before or after your celebrant-led ceremony, to accommodate your preferences.

As a certified Wedding Celebrant, Keely is enthusiastic about collaborating with you to compose an exquisitely personalised wedding ceremony, free from restrictions concerning how, where, or even when you'd like to celebrate. Whether it's a rustic barn on a picturesque farm, a romantic beachfront setting, an elegant countryside hotel, or even a midnight ceremony beneath the starry skies in an open field, the ceremony Keely crafts is designed to revolve entirely around you. It will narrate your unique love story, your unwavering affection for one another, your aspirations for the future and the intensity of your passion.

Have you contemplated a themed ceremony? If you desire, Keely can incorporate poetry, readings, music, videos, or anything else that resonates with your love story. Her custom-written ceremony can be molded around your personal vows, or you can collaborate in composing them together. Perhaps there's a beloved love poem you'd like to integrate into your ceremony, for example.

Keely's celebrant services extend throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. If you desire, she is also open to the possibility of travelling abroad for your wedding.

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